A visit to Ethiopia makes you eight years younger, come and discover how. Ethiopia is a land of legend and renaissance, a country of diverse yet united people. Come to Ethiopia and enjoy a breathtaking stay with natural scene as well as manmade facilities, to learn from the social harmony and beauty of religious tolerance. Investors are welcomed to take part in the development process of one of the fastest growing economy of Africa. Business and investment opportunities in agriculture, agro-processing, textiles, mining, infrastructure development and heavy industries are wider than elsewhere. A hardworking, highly trainable and business liking more than 77 million Ethiopians are looking forward to cooperate with the rest of the world to build a better tomorrow. The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Berlin is at your service to make your mission in Ethiopia a success. Just keep in contact. Follow the star into 13 months of sunshine. Ethiopia awaits your partnership!


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